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NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention Systems

The Problem

Prolonged flight at cruising altitudes can cold-soak airplane fuel, creating a 'cold corner' in the wing fuel tanks near the wing root.  Even at ground temperatures well above freezing, moisture adheres to the wings over the super-cooled fuel tanks, creating frost. Clear ice can also form in ambient temperatures (between 35º - 75ºF or 2º - 24ºC) when conditions of high humidity, rain or fog exist.

Cold-soaked ice on the upper wing surface can cause airflow problems to aircraft with thin profile wing designs. In addition, rear engine aircraft, such as the MD-80, are vulnerable to clear ice that can shed upon takeoff and get ingested into one or both engines, resulting in potential foreign object damage.


FAA regulations prevent any commercial aircraft from taking off with any contamination on the wing upper surface.

The TDG Solution

The NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention System eliminates the need for traditional deicing techniques in above-freezing conditions and avoids the delays, environmental issues, cost and safety concerns associated with the use of deicing fluids.  This unique, over-wing ice heater blanket system becomes a robust, structural part of the upper wing with minimal maintenance or operational cost.

TDG's Clear Ice Prevention System turns on automatically after the aircraft lands (weight on wheels) and remains on continuously until takeoff.  An annunciator light on the captain's instrument panel displays system status. The warm light indicator advises the crew when the system reaches a safe temperature of 40ºF or 4ºC, freeing them from time-consuming wing inspections.

Easy Installation

The NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention System comes as a complete, ready-to-install kit that includes two, over-wing heater blankets, heater controls, cockpit annunciator, wiring harnesses and two electronic protection devices (EPD).

Each heater blanket covers 45 square feet per wing and consists of two aluminum panels with a multi-layer composite of heating elements and honeycomb insulation.  The heater blanket is fastened and bonded to the upper wing surface using conventional composite bag techniques. The system does not penetrate the wing fuel tank or disturb the fuel tank fasteners.

Installation of the kit, which weighs 133 lbs/65 kilos, can be accomplished during a C-check.

Compliance, Safety, Cost Savings

TDG's NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention System (STC SA6042NM) serves as a primary means of complying with the FAA's Airworthiness Directive AD-2002-21-06 for the MD-80 series aircraft.  TDG Aerospace is also monitoring the non-environmental icing concerns associated with the 737NG aircraft.

American Airlines has installed the NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention System on all 260 of their MD-80 aircraft, and chose the system for their entire TWA MD-80 fleet.  Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, Aeromexico and Midwest Express have also installed the NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention System on their entire MD-80 fleets. 

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