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UFI®: DC Motor Protection

UFI® Application: DC Motor Protection

TDG has levaraged its patented UFI® technology into a comprehensive safety device aimed specifically at critical DC motor load applications - such as aircraft fuel pumps.  More than just ground fault / overload protection, the DC UFI® is a real-time condition monitoring device that can provide unique insight into the operational state of your DC motor load and circuit at any time.


The DC UFI® is designed to protect both brushed and brushless DC motors.


The DC UFI® maintains the original UFI® SFAR-88 design philosophy, and is compliant with FAA regulation 14 CFR 25.981, Amendment 102. It continues to be the only device of its kind engineered and certified to this rigorous design requirement.




Considered to be a second-generation UFI® device, the DC UFI® leverages years of engineering expertise and on-wing data accumulated by the thousands of UFI® devices currently protecting commercial aircraft fuel systems worldwide.  State-of-the-art hardware simplifies the system architecture, enhancing overall reliability while minimizing unit size. 


The DC UFI® can be utilized with either solid state or electromechanical relays.  Fault response times to a hard electrical (ground) fault can be measured in microseconds instead of milliseconds - while maintaining robust nuisance rejection performance.


The DC UFI® is adaptable to practically any DC motor application:

  • Hardware is readily scalable
  • Software is parameter driven - Protective functions, fault thresholds, sensitivity and response times are loaded during production and adjustable via the UFI® data port (using proprietary TDG tools).

New UFI® history log architecture not only maintains historical operational data for the DC load (pump), but also now records the fault signature of detected events for future analysis.


Contact TDG Aerospace today to learn how easily the DC UFI® can be adopted to your DC fuel pump or motor protection needs.

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