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UFI®: Arc Fault Detection

UFI® Application: Arc Fault Protection

UFI® technology is particularly well-suited to arc-fault detection applications where protection of sensitive circuits is required.  In a given application, a UFI® device will be equally responsive to parallel arc faults between phases or phase-to-ground, series arc faults, open phases or steady-state overcurrent conditions.  In fact, the UFI® is sensitive to these fault conditions whether arcing signatures are present or not.


Unique in its approach, UFI® technology does not rely on processor-intensive digital signal processing (DSP) analyses to differentiate "good" arcs from "bad" arcs.  Instead, the UFI's semi-redundant hardware detection / software qualification approach provides reliable fault detection based on energy released by a given event.


UFI® technology is equally effective in three-phase or single-phase AC applications, as well as DC applications.  In three-phase AC applications, the UFI® is not sensitive to three-wire vs four-wire circuit designs, working equally well in both.


UFI® technology was developed for use in sensitive aerospace applications, but lends itself to any military, marine or commercial applications where electrical system health and safety is paramount.


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