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About TDG


1. Who is TDG Aerospace?
TDG Aerospace creates dynamic air safety solutions for the aircraft and aerospace industry. Specializing in the development of cutting-edge products that prevent fire and ice, TDG provides solutions that help airlines save money, improve safety, ensure compliance and greatly reduce delays.

2. What is the NOFOD System?
NOFOD® is a clear ice prevention system that is designed to prevent the formation of cold soaked wing ice, which accumulates as a result of supercooled fuel chilling the aircraft's upper wing surfaces in above freezing temperatures. The NOFOD® Clear ice Prevention system was designed for use on rear engine aircraft and serves as a means of compliance with FAA AD 2002-21-06 (STC SA6042NM).

3. Which major airlines currently fly with the NOFOD® system on their planes?
American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Allegiant, among others.

4. What problem does NOFOD® solve?
The FAA has issued an amended airworthiness directive FAA AD 2002-21-06, which is targeted at the MD-80 series fleet and its upper wing ice formation problems. The AD calls for all MD-80 series carriers to either install the TDG Aerospace NOFOD® system, or a primary ice detection system by May 2004.

5. What is the difference between an Ice Detector and the NOFOD® Ice Prevention System?
An ice detector is passive in that it simply alerts the flight crew that ice is present on the wing upper surface. The NOFOD® ice prevention system is active, in that it prevents clear ice from forming while the aircraft is on the ground by providing a consistent source of heat to the upper wing surfaces. The NOFOD® system eliminates the need to de-ice in above-freezing conditions and enables the flight crew to focus on speedy turnarounds.

6. Can the NOFOD® system be used in normal icing conditions?
No, it is only for use in above freezing temperatures .

7. What is the typical payback on the NOFOD® system?
The system pays for itself in 10 to 18 months depending on the operator.

8. When is the best time to install the NOFOD® system?
Usually during a C or D check.

9. How long does a NOFOD® install take?
Depending on the experience of the MRO, a typical installation usually takes between 480 hours and 900 hours.

10. Who installs the NOFOD® system?
Most MROs are capable of installing the system.

11. Is TDG an aircraft parts supplier?
TDG only supplies parts for the systems it manufactures for its customers.

12. What planes is the NOFOD® used on?
The NOFOD® system is designed for use on rear-engine aircraft, including the DC-9-81, -82, -83, -87, as well as the MD-80 and MD-88.

13. What is the warranty on the NOFOD® system?
3 years

14. What is the UFI®?
TDG's Universal Fault Interrupter technology is a patented new technology designed to protect an aircraft's electrical systems and components from electrical faults in critical systems such as fuel boost pumps and power distribution systems.

15. Why is UFI® technology unique?
Unlike Ground Fault Interruptors (GFI), TDG has developed a new technology that will detect and continuously prevent line-to-line, line-to-ground and arc faults simultaneously.