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About TDG

About TDG

TDG Aerospace creates progressive air safety solutions for the aircraft and aerospace industry. Specializing in the development of cutting-edge products that prevent fire and ice, TDG provides solutions that help airlines save money, improve safety, ensure compliance and greatly reduce delays.


Founded     1990
Officers &

Virginia R. Richard, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Products &
    The UFI® product line protects aircraft electrical systems and components from electrical faults in sensitive areas such as fuel boost pump motors and power distribution systems.  The NOFOD® Clear Ice Prevention System prevents the formation of cold-soaked wing ice.
    TDG's products prevent problems associated with fire and ice on commercial aircraft, enabling major airlines to improve safety and save money through greater fuel efficiency, lowered maintenance costs and faster turnaround times on the ground.
FAA Compliance     The UFI® assists airlines in complying with SFAR 88.  The NOFOD® system serves as the primary means of compliance with the FAA AD 2002-21-06. 
Clients     TDG's clients include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, AeroMexico, Midwest Express, Allegiant Air, Otter, United Airlines, DHL, British Airways, and UPS, among others.
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